Happy New Year!


I am sitting here with Maggie and Walt at the breakfast table. We’ve just eaten precooked sausage and frozen waffles. Thank God for frozen waffles. They make pre-coffee, early mornings bearable.

I guess that this is the day to make New Year’s resolutions. I could talk about my weight, but that topic is forgotten over chocolate every year. One resolution I definitely need to commit to is seeking patience with my (almost) two year old. She knows all of my buttons and winds me so tight that I am often nearly in tears. I know…how could I be so manipulated by this little creature who is so terribly cute?

This isn’t really a resolution, but I also need to figure out how to keep my 21.5 pound bruiser from waking up to eat once or twice a night.  My goodness!  Twelve to two a.m. is NOT happy hour on the boob!  And I really love the guy, but I don’t fancy waking up to serve him another meal between four and six.

On to another resolution: I resolve to help with the campaign this year to raise money for the hospital’s new digital mammography center in order to help future breast cancer patients–maybe even a close friend or myself one day.

I believe that this kind of volunteer work will also help me put Bret’s long hours into perspective.  Because of HIPPA rules, I only hear vague news that he diagnosed “another” young woman with breast cancer when he finally comes home from a stressful day.

Anyhow, the Pink Swaps were a great way to jump in to this kind of volunteer work.  We’ll see where this goes!  I have already informed the hospital foundation that I’d like to throw my hat in the ring.

Here are a few “Swap” pictures.  You can see more photos by clicking on the photo icon on the sidebar under “Pink Swap 2008.”






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