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New Author to Blog

Susan Prunty, one of the four readers of this blog, is joining Happiest Mommies.  (So our audience has dwindled to three–ha!)  She will bring a unique message as a mother of two who is the out-of-home working spouse in her … Continue reading

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The Changing Discourse and Course of a Mitten Tree

I just returned from a parent coalition meeting for Great Start, and my mind is spinning again.   While dropping the kids off in the childcare room, I heard a mom describe her son as an “apron tugger.”  During the … Continue reading

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Pink Letter

Here is the letter I was asked to write for the paper.  What do you think? Will it help convince the city that this is a worthwhile campaign?  Will it inspire others to host a “Pink Swap?” Dear Editor, Thank … Continue reading

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Easy, “Bulky,” Tasty Cornbread

Five thirty AM has come too soon again. Both kids were screaming at the top of their lungs at the crack of dawn. Bret was able to get Maggie back to sleep, but I did not have similar luck with … Continue reading

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A Retraction

I’m in trouble!  Hubby read the blog this morning and pointed out that he has said “thank you” before in response to dinners I’ve made.  He’s worried that I am making him sound like an insensitive husband.  So I want … Continue reading

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Big Dreams in a Small Town

The honeymoon is over with Walt.  He used to be so quiet, so docile.  I think he’s figured out from Maggie that screaming will get you everywhere. I could go on about how I slept so little last night, but … Continue reading

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Impromptu Party (Almost) Stress-Free

I just hosted a very small, little stress 2nd birthday party for Maggie.  I knew I didn’t want to do a formal party this year with 40-50 people sitting on top of each other in my living room (did that … Continue reading

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