Pink Swap

Today, in between the cranky bouts of a near-two-year-old, I have been preparing for my Pink Swaps.  I am co-hosting one on Monday night for a group of my husbands’ colleagues and friends and another one on Thursday night for my mommy and eventually wanna-be-mommy crowd.  You’ll see the meaning of the “Pink Swap” in the invitation below.


I am making tag ornaments as favors for the party.  But I just can’t figure out what that final special touch should be.  I am playing around with glitter–just a little here and there–and that doesn’t seem to do the trick. 


I am proud, however, to have figured out how to thread my sewing machine.  I sewed the mounted pieces onto the tag (that I coffee stained first) with hot pink thread.  Sorry, Ms. Home Ec. Mom, but I think that this is the extent of my sewing career.  Don’t my lines look straight though?

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