I’m Back and it’s Still Snowing!

I just returned from Missouri and Kansas (gone for a week).  Of course it’s still snowing–and probably will cotinue to do so for the next 5-6 months.  Did I really sign up for this?  But I have to admit that it’s pretty…


I took Walt to the doctor’s office this morning because he can’t shake a terrible cough.  Turns out he has a double ear infection!  Boy do I feel bad.  I thought he was up all night eating this past week because he’s hungry (he now weighs 20 lbs. +, by the way).

I am ready to put up my tree, but I’ll have to wait till we return from Chicago (Sunday).  In the meantime, I hung some lovely stockings that I purchased through P.E.O.



I’ve also been enjoying a new candle that my friend bought me as well as two pictures I bought for $5 each (my mom should be sooooooo jealous) at a recent Christmas craft show.



Well, I’d better get back to writing my biography–due at P.E.O. on Thursday morning.  I feel like I should make sure that it’s complete so that someday my kids can access it and use it for the paper when I die.  Morbid–yes.  However, I’m being realistic.  For some strange reason, it’s also important to me that I include a complete description of my life B.K. (before kids) so that my P.E.O. sisters (and later, my children) know that I have been something other than this “domestic diva” that I am struggling to become.  I figure that if I flop at being a mom and housewife then at least others will know that I have found success elsewhere!  (And that I DID put my parents’ college dollars to work for at least ten years!)

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