Domestic on a Snowy Day


My snowy drive this morning!

Oh the weather outside is…well, white and cold.  Winter has set in, and I’m still trying to figure out what the role of “domestic diva” looks like.  I’ve been reading some other blogs and have been inspired to do something very homemakerish.  Yesterday I made applesauce.  Here is evidence of my production:
First, I quartered and seeded nearly 100 apples.


Next, I cooked the heck out of those little red devils. I had three large pots bubbling on the stove at once!


Finally, I put the apples through a food mill and loaded them into containers to be frozen for use through the winter.

I have also been decorating for Christmas.  As part of a campaign to raise money for the hospital’s new digital mammography center, everyone in Ludington has been asked to decorate with pink for Christmas.  So I added my own version of “Pink Christmas” in the entryway, complete with a tea-dyed tag banner.

Can you see the word "Christmas?"


This pink scene greets visitors as they walk through the front door.

A pink ribbon ornament is nestled into a vintage pink netting Christmas cloth--reminding us of the reason for the (pink) season.

A pink ribbon ornament is nestled into a vintage Christmas luncheon cloth–reminding us of the reason for the (pink) season.

I don’t believe that my applesauce and decorating have taken me to domestic status yet, but it’s been fun trying!  What will my next attempt be?  Stay tuned…

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One Response to Domestic on a Snowy Day

  1. Abby says:

    WOW!!! Cool blog, Tara! You’ve decorated the heck out of your house and I LOVE IT!!! It’s so amazing!! Good for you!

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