Should “Let Sleeping Babies Lie…”

Well, I’ve finally made it to our Blog…. Whoopee for Me!   You can pay me later Tara, wink, wink…

After our lovely walk with Laura and Mattea to meet Tara and Maggie at the library and then our slightly stressful lunch at the “Blue Moon” – Ally (of course) went to sleep on the way back home in the stroller, and now, after trying to transfer her to her bed (which never works), she’s in there crying off and on – has been 14 minutes so far; I wonder if I’ve spoiled her sleep for today. 

She was sound asleep, all wrapped up in her snuggly blanket in the stroller.  And now, I bet, she’s standing up in the crib crying her eyes out, wondering why “mean Mummy” (or Mommy, as the case may be), isn’t coming back.  Let’s hope she doesn’t cry herself sick.  Why do their cries rip at our heart-strings so?  “Please lay down and go back to sleep darling…”  I am so tempted to go in there.  Aren’t we always so torn?   Ooou, is that a silent moment?  Oh, no, she was just taking a breath.  Ho hum.  After editing the above, she’s down to a couple of whimpers, fingers-crossed this won’t last much longer.

Time for me to go put the wet laundry in the dryer and “try” and tidy this joint up a little.  I really feel like having a long soak in a hot-tub and taking a nap myself – in my dreams!

Regards,  Jo (and Ally).

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