Hearing as Clear as the Puss Void

Maggie is blissfully sleeping right now, well into her second hour of a nap.  We all got up just after five this morning in order to have her at the hospital by six.  I should be sleeping too–so tired–but the phone kept ringing and I gave up. 

Anyhow, the doctor who placed tubes in Maggie’s ears this morning reported that she had a heaping amount of white fluid/puss behind her ears, and her eardrums were thick from being enflamed for so long.  I look forward to noticing a difference in her behavior and language over the next few weeks.  I would imagine that the difference will be as substancial as the amount of “glue,” as the doctor referred to it, that was in Maggie’s ears.

Right now I am thinking about baby number two’s impending arrival.  Given all the fuss over Maggie and the numerous sleepless nights over the past couple of months, I am wondering how I will manage two under two.  I know that many others have passed the test, including my own mom who worked full time; I’m just not certain that I have personally “studied” enough for this kind of challenge.

Well, one day (and hopefully a few restful weeks before this baby comes!) at a time.  For now, I will celebrate Maggie’s new-found ability to hear all of my favorite phrases, including the one that goes along with anything breakable or dangerous to her: “No, Maggie…not for baby!”

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