So…I’ve been inviting other Ludington-area moms to join this blog and jot down their ideas, and today I realized that perhaps I need to give friends a prompt to respond to.  Sometimes it’s easier to answer a question than just write “out of the blue.” 

Here’s what I am wondering: how many of you feel kid-related guilt?  And about what? 

I am asking the above questions because my husband and I are feeling pretty low right now.  As referenced in the last couple of posts, Maggie has been suffering from ear infections.  My husband and I took her to an ENT today, and she completely failed her hearing test.  The doctor felt that we couldn’t get tubes in any too soon.  Friday morning, during the earliest surgical appointment of the day, Maggie will experience her first surgery. 

Guilty?  Yes, we are feeling it BIG-time.  Even though we couldn’t have known and couldn’t have done anything different with the situation, my hubby and I feel horrible about the fact that Maggie has been wading through every conversation with her head stuck in a fishbowl.  We feel guilt for the frustration we’ve felt regarding her behavior.  We especially feel guilty for not jumping sooner each time she’s cried recently.  We thought we were doing the right thing by ignoring her temper tantrums.  What if she was just trying to let us know that her ears were in pain?  To quote my daughter (who has at least heard well enough to mimic one of my common remarks), “Eye-Yeye-Yeye!” 

So again friends, do you ever feel guilt?  If so, what for? 

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2 Responses to Guilty?

  1. cjslp says:

    As charged. When I have more than 45 minutes for lunch, I’ll reply in full about the guilt I have working full time and missing so much of my beautiful boy’s first year! -Carrie

  2. Cara Porter says:

    Oops-I read this after reading your other blog but you know what, the tubes still won’t guarantee no ear infections according to my doctor, which is one of the questions I asked. I hope she’s doing better either way though!!

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